Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine window

Do you remember my $10 window pane from Round Top?
It looked like this for Christmas.

But this weekend I wiped off the "JOY" and painted something more Valentine's-y.
It's a sweet and simple 30 minute project.
I printed off LOVE in a font that I liked and positioned it on the top left corner of the window.
I wanted the word to look a little more whimsical, so with a black sharpie I extended the lines and curve of the L and V.
I then printed off 2 pictures of birds that I found online (rest assured, I did NOT draw that bird!). The 2nd bird is on the other side of the paper and too faint to see here. I then penciled in a VERY basic branch for the 2 birds to sit on. I didn't have a large enough piece of paper to cover the window, so that's why all of these pages are taped together. Not the most professional way of doing things, but it got the job done!
I taped everything down on THE FRONT of the window, before flipping it over.
Then, on THE BACK, I used pink and brownish-grey paint to trace the outline of the picture. I let it dry for 10 minutes and then used a 2nd coat so that it wouldn't look translucent. I'm baffled that you can't see the 2nd bird in this picture. I swear it's there!
There it is! 2 sweet love birds :)
I like it so much that I'm actually sad that I'll have to take it down after Valentine's Day. Maybe I can just erase the LOVE? I'm not sure.
Any thoughts??

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  1. how cute...........why would you need to erase? for spring you could just continue the bird theme on mantel.

  2. Love, the arrangement ~ simple and sweet!

  3. Don't erase it, your home is full of love!

  4. This looks great! I think the love will be fine after Valentine's Day...

  5. I LOVE that window and what you did with it! I'm your newest follower (found you at The Gunny Sack). Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow me back if you'd like too. I have a bunch of Valentine's Day ideas on my blog right now.

    Have a great rest of the week!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West :)

  6. How beautiful! I love the way the paint looks on the glass!
    ~Tonia @TheGunnySack.com

  7. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this today! Stop by and grab a button if you want!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea!!! I'm always whining about not owning a Silhouette to cut vinyl stencils... do you use a special paint for glass?
    Again, thanks for sharing your beautiful creations :)

    1. Hey Nat,
      I'm not sure if they make a special paint for glass? I just use acrylic paint (Americana, Craft Smart). It's in the wood section of Hobby Lobby or the craft aisle of Wal Mart :)


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