Friday, January 13, 2012

Some of my favorite things...

Do you ever wonder what people use in real-life that they just love!!? Well, I always enjoy seeing other bloggers telling about products that they use and love (that they aren't getting paid to tell you about!). So, today is our first (and maybe only installment, depending on how this goes! ha) of "My Favorite Things". Unlike Oprah, you aren't going to get to win any of these things... but maybe one of these days we'll introduce you to something you didn't know about and would want!
In no particular's my list of current favs.

1. Streaming Netflix to my TV.

We love this in our house so much that we recently downgraded our satellite service to the basic package. We found that the kids shows are all on Netflix and we were not watching cable near as much as we should be...for what we were paying!! Our TV came loaded with Netflix ready capabilities and it has been so great! If you've not tried should.

2. The Jesus Storybook Bible

I work in a preschool part-time at our church. One of the other teachers turned us on to this book and it's really so good! I bought it for every family "set" at our family Christmas. We've all seen other Children's Bibles and day-by-day readings but this is the first one that I've ever read that points to Jesus at the end of EVERY STORY!! How many times have we read or told stories about the Burning Bush, 10 plagues, Red Sea crossing and left it at that. The author brilliantly weaves our ultimate need for Jesus and our need of rescue in every story. If you have small kids, or grandkids, or nieces/nephews, etc this is a must have!

3. Have a New Kid by Friday

Okay, so my kids aren't totally changed...but this book has given me great insights into discipline that doesn't involve me yelling, threatening with consequences and bribes. If you have kids from birth-18 this book is for you!

4. Flipz

Oh dear! They had these (and the white chocolate ones) in the Dollar Spot at Target last week and I bought four bags... They are heavenly!

5. Babyliss hair straightener

I've tried the Chi, the cheapo versions of a straightener and this is by far the best I've used. The Chi broke on me 3 times... (I bought 3 of them before I finally wised up)! If you spend any amount of time using a straightener you know how long and tedious the process can be and if you have partially wavy hair like me then straightening is a must-do EVERY STINKING DAY! This one gets hot enough (some don't!), doesn't pull your hair (some do!) and hasn't broken yet after DAILY use and sometimes HOURS AND HOURS of "ON" time (oops!).

6. Turbie Twist

Okay, so this one seems silly to me. I got one for Christmas as what I think was a 'filler' present (am I right, Mom?). I thought I'd give it a try and I'm telling you this thing works!! It's an absorbent towel that keeps a low profile and stays on your head. How many times have you tried to get dressed with the huge bath towel wrapped around your head?! This one actually allows for that. I put it on out of the shower, get dressed, do my make-up and then dry my hair and it saves me a LOT of drying time.

So, how about you? Any of these your favorites too? Or what's your favorite thing right now?

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  1. LOVE Kevin Leman! He is hilarious!

    Gonna have to check out that Bible.

    and I have been wondering about the Turbie twist! Gonna have to get one now!!


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