Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A year in the making

Do you remember this time last year (almost to the day!), I asked you for your help with my living room?? Holy moly, it needed help!!
Well with your help (and my husband's approval), I've made some serious changes. Instead of curtains, we now have plantation shutters. Yea! I LOVE their clean lines and southern charm. They're timeless, easy to clean, and to my husband's delight, have helped cut down on the electricity bill.
For more on the plate wall, click HERE.
I got this rug from Pottery Barn. I've had my eye on it since last year and snagged it up when they went on sale. Bringing color and pattern to the floor helps break up the neutral-ness of the walls and tile.
I found this blue ladder at Round Top for $5. I've noticed that people are using ladders for all sorts of things these days. So for now, I'm hanging my throws on it.
And after looking at these pictures, I notice that the bottom blanket may need to be updated, or at least refolded :)
So thanks again for enduring with me, my living room challenges. Surely one of these days, I'll get it like I like it.


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