Friday, December 3, 2010

Let your tree tell a story

Do you have a beautiful tree all decorated for Christmas? Is it like one of these that's all coordinated and matchy matchy?

Or is yours more like mine... (please ignore the fact that a partial strand burned out AFTER I hung the lights... I haven't had time to go back and fix that!)

While my tree won't be winning any awards or be featured on any blog (other than ours! ha) it is OUR tree and it tells a story.

Like this ornament... when our oldest daughter was 6 months old and we were trying out the stay-at-home job while my hubby was on a very low income we visited Colorado with my parents. We took our little family to the Royal Gorge and after paying an arm and a leg to get in we visited the gift shop as we always do to pick out an ornament. Sadly we couldn't afford a thing! So, being the frugal momma I am, I picked out a keychain for $3.95 and wrote the story on the back... it now hangs proudly on our tree as a memory of where we once were.

Or this... a reminder of our first Christmas as a married couple.

And these two which if hung on separate trees mean nothing... but together it shares with the world we are a house divided!

And this one which was bought the winter before we moved to Colorado so that we'd have a reminder of our Texas roots (which eventually pulled us back home!). :)

Finally, this one tells our story of why we celebrate this wonderful holiday. We celebrate the birth of Jesus and believe His birth is the one gift we are most thankful for.

So, what about you? Does your tree tell a story? Have you put away all your sentimental ornaments for a few years to have a "pretty" tree? Maybe it's time to pull some back out and share your story with the world.


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  1. Funny you should ask this question THIS year...

    For the past 6 Christmases we have had a "themed tree." We had balls and raffia bows and little frames that said things like "Jesus" "King of Kings" "God with Us" and "Light of the World." I loved it.

    The kids have asked the past two years if we could put "their" ornaments on the tree... so this year I gave in and let them have their way. Lo and behold, I actually had HELP decorating the tree this year.

    The only downside is that we haven't purchased ornaments for the kids every year for the past several Christmases and the "baby" has almost nothing that is "hers." Poor baby of the family always gets the short end... but it sure was nice to reminisce about why we have certain ornaments!

    Oh, and the one ornament that made BOTH trees is the Christmas nail... to remind us that Jesus was born at Christmas for the purpose of redeeming us!

    "I know it was His love for us
    that held Him to the tree,
    But when I see this simple nail
    I know He died for me."

  2. @Shannon
    Thanks for sharing!! :) It's fun to hear others traditions. I also love that Christmas nail... I'd love to find one of those for our tree. Where'd you get yours?

  3. @Lindsay
    I got the nail so long ago that I can't remember where it came from... here's a link to a site for making your own... you're good at that kind of thing! ;)

  4. Love your thoughts! And your blog!:)

  5. Ooooooooooooo Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! LOL! Hey Lindsay! Im your newest follower but i have to say...It was tuff to do as I am a Texas Tech Red Raider!!! LOL! I guess I could ship a TT ornament and have an anonymous source to put it on the tree! I am Starting a Christmas Linky party in the morning and would SOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOVE to have your "House Divided" link on there!!! That would be too funny! But Hey..We Texas gals need to stick together! Come check out my 14 days of xmas trees! Hope to see you tomorrow!


  6. Your tree decorating style seems a lot like mine - keepsake ornaments. While I think the matchy trees look beautiful, I would miss unwrapping all of my special collected ornaments!

  7. he he he! We have one of each! My family would kill me if I got rid of the "family" tree. The big tree is the traditional family tree. You gotta have it. You did a great job with yours. It is lovely.

    Merry Christmas!


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