Friday, November 19, 2010

Blank Walls are my decorating thorn!

Long blank walls... they give me major decorating stress (if there is such a thing!). I used to complain in our last house that I didn't have enough wall space. It seems that our current house has made up for that ten-fold! I have recently been rearranging some things in our house which has created more decorating disasters and dilemmas. Both of which involve LONG LONG BLANK WALLS. What to do, what to do?!

Because I now have this little sitting area off my dining room.

I now have this disaster in my living room. I've hated this wall since day one. I applied the vinyl words in the wrong spot and compensated for them by adding the crosses. Then I added the big square piece that is now in the sitting area. Now I need to figure out what to do with the entire wall -- removing the vinyl and the crosses. My two thoughts: 1) plate wall - but it will have to be pretty big 2) beadboard on the bottom half & three large portraits or "things" above it. Either way I think I'll be painting the wall a darker color and eventually I'll paint the secretary to the far right a red color.

Because I moved the lamps from the living room and the office.

I now have this blank desk space. The lamp used to take up a good portion of the height on the wall and I had my diploma hanging next to it. That looked silly all alone on the wall so I moved it.
This is the rest of the same wall. I also dislike it. I would like to have a small sofa/love seat and move the chairs. This is the first room you see when you come into my house...and it gives people the wrong impression about me. It appears totally undecorated so it looks as though I don't care... when in fact I DO care but just haven't got a clue as to what to do! HELP! :)
Remember when you all helped Tiffany with her decorating dilemma? I would really love some advice on both walls.


  1. Oh I do understand. My last house had tons of huge vaulted walls. How about some fabric stretched and hung in a series. I love plate walls and I like them mixed with mirrors and paintings. Sometimes a shelf is fabulous with a collage on it and around it. Just a few suggestions. Hugs, Marty

  2. I just saw a photo wall similar to this on a blog but now I can't find it. It's like this one but she used two ledges and larger frames. And it wasn't under shelving, it was on a blank wall. It looked awesome.


    This looks pretty cool, too.

  3. I'm with you one the long, long, blank walls. As I was leaving for work this morning...the long blank wall in my formal living room caught my eye again. I recently re-painted that room and now all the walls are bare. I've seriously thought about painting a birch forest on the longest wall. Even if I put up wall hangings, there would still be this huge empty space. It's making me crazy!!! Good luck with your dilemma :)


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