Monday, July 12, 2010

Gotta Love Garage Sales

This weekend I went to what may have been my first garage sale to actually look for something! I have worked them in the past but have never really gone to one on the lookout for something to bring home! Well I am so excited about my find! The kids have had a white table in the playroom for a while but there are only two chairs (one of which is broken) so my three little ones often fight about who gets to sit! I'd been on the hunt for a new table with 4 chairs. As a arrived at this garage sale I saw this table and chairs set that drew my attention. Once I saw the price I decided I could easily overlook the fact that this is actually a dining table. Kid tables I'd seen the day before at an antique show were well over $300 which I do not have the luxury of spending thank you very much. The table was in great shape but I knew I'd want to paint it a little bit before adding it to the playroom. Antique lovers beware: what you are about to see may pain you.

The Chairs {BEFORE}

The Table {BEFORE}

Spray Paint bought for $2.47 per can at Wallyworld

One handsome helper

And three happy kiddos later! {Excuse their appearance...we'd just gotten them ready for bed!}

All this was done for less than $60 in one day. Whoo-hoo!
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  1. WOW!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Seriously, like you said, all of that done in ONE day.. very impressive!! :)

  2. I love to paint chairs & have some like this I haven't done, because I wasn't sure how they'd look. Yours look AWESOME!! I'm inspired!

  3. It looks 100 times better now.....great job! Your kids look like they are loving it.


  4. They turned out great! I always love me some green!

  5. Wow, that looks fabulous! You have to have one seat for each kid ;-). Loving that green color, way to go and thanks for sharing.



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